Trip to Huber's Farm and other random pictures

Julianne is 7.5 months old and is fully mobile now. She can pretty much get to wherever she wants to go. Exciting for her and scary for her parents! She is crawling all over the place and is getting much quicker. This morning I left her in the living room for about five seconds and when I turned around to go back she was in our dining room. She pulls up on about anything (even if it really can't support her weight) and loves to creep around. She has learned to fall quite gracefully and just gets right back up to try again. Whenever I'm in the kitchen she will stand up holding onto the dishwasher. Her favorite thing to do is take the spoons out of the rack and throw them on the floor. It is quite entertaining to watch her do this over and over again as I keep putting them back and she keeps taking them out. Yesterday she started doing this with the clean utensils and I quickly went over to her and let her hand them to me instead of throwing them on the floor. She is already such a good little helper!

On Saturday we went to Joe Huber's Farm in Starlight, Indiana with our friends, Joe, Sarah, and Annabelle. From the time we left our house and got to the farm the temperature had dropped about 10 degrees. It had gotten quite cold and we were not prepared. You'll see in several of the pictures that Julianne is wrapped up in her blanket. Despite the cold temperatures we had a fun time going down a slide, looking at some animals, and eating a very yummy meal. Here are some pictures.