Nolan - 13 months

Nolan is a sweet but busy 13 month old. He is walking more and more each day. When he wants to get somewhere he usually tries walking there before crawling. He is able to take 15-20 steps and can walk across an entire room with his wobbly gait. Much of the time he takes 5-10 steps and then gets unbalanced so he falls on his diaper padded rear end and then crawls off as fast as he can toward whatever he was after. Up until a week ago, Nolan has been terrified of crawling down stairs. He has crawled up stairs well for awhile, but doesn't know what to do when he gets to the top except to scream and cry until someone comes and gets him. We've been working with him and assisting him in going down feet first down the stairs and finally last week he did it on his own. Overall, this month has been marked by fear. He is fearful of unfamiliar people, getting on anything that moves (swings, carousel, quarter rides at the mall, etc), and sudden, loud noises. He loved the swings in the fall as a 9 month old, but now screams like he's being tortured when put in the swing at the park. He loves to be outside exploring though and can spend a lot of time in the rock area in our backyard putting rocks into a cup and then pouring them out. He even likes to get on the trampoline and bounce on his bottom for awhile, but gets scared and wants to get off when his siblings get on to jump. He loves to play with and throw balls and has even started wanting to go down the slide at the playground on his own. He is going through a phase of wanting to be held A LOT and it's usually when I'm in the kitchen preparing food. He crawls up and hangs on my legs crying and looking up at me longingly. After I have made it clear that I am not going to pick him up he just lays at my feet or lays in between my legs. These days he eats just about whatever we eat, although he's not really been eating much. His favorite foods are applesauce, popcorn, cookies, smoothies, cooked peas and carrots, hummus, beans, guacamole, ice cream, hashbrowns from Chick Fil A, and noodles. He still nurses twice a day, but has started making the switch to cow's milk and seems to like it just fine. He is starting to transition to one nap and does fine on the days where we are out in the morning. I'm still putting him down for a morning nap, though, when we're home doing school, because he is just too busy to be able to get anything done. He sleeps great at night, usually from 8pm-7:30am. He is talking much more than the other kids at this age. Some of his words are "bah"(bye or ball), "bup" (cup), "buh-buh"(baby), "uh-oh", "dada", "puh-buh"(peek a boo), "uh"(up), and "duh" (down). He still screams for much of what he wants to communicate, but it's refreshing to at least have a few words. I've always been very curious if Nolan would live up to the roughness of his brother or if he would be quieter and gentler and the verdict is in: He is as rough as his older brother. He loves to bang anything to make the loudest noise possible, he pats my face as hard as possible for a one year old, he pinches whatever skin he can get a hold of, he pulls my hair and smiles when given a painful reaction, and he throws toys to try to destroy whatever is in it's path. There are days that I wonder if we will all survive toddler boys, but there are sweet, timely moments that God gives me to remind me what sweet gifts my boys are.