Valentine's Day 2015

On Valentine's Day we had nutella and strawberry crepes for breakfast, the enjoyed the beautiful weather to play outside and do yardwork. I made a special dinner of fettuchini alfredo, asparagus, grilled chicken, sparkling apple cider, cheesecake, and chocolate covered strawberries and we ate by candlelight. We all dressed up and enjoyed our evening together and then opened Valentine's from each other and from family who had mailed things to us.

The following Monday we had a Valentine's party at our homeschool co-op. The kids all exchanged Valentine's by putting their Valentine's for each other in each person's mailbox. We had a special Valentine's snack, decorated heart cookies, played a love potion relay game, played a Cupid's arrow game by shooting arrows (q tips) through a straw to try to hit a heart bullseye, and estimated how many candy hearts were in a jar. It was a fun party!