Nolan - 12 Months

At one year old Nolan is a busy boy. He is not walking yet, although has tried a couple of steps, but prefers to crawl so he can get places as quickly. He stands steadily for awhile after he pulls up while holding onto something. We've tried to entice him to walk by having him walk toward us but he thinks it's a silly game and lunges toward us, laughs, and moves his feet as quickly as he can which results in very unsteady stumbling rather than actual walking. He crawls well up stairs, but has fallen down stairs enough to know not to try going down on his own. He loves to clap, wave, scream, and throw things. He still throws down food and cups from his chair and says "uh-oh" and looks down for whatever he has thrown. He'll then look at me and then the item and then me and then the item, to see if I'll get it for him so he can start the process over again. He loves to make as much noise as possible when playing and his favorite toys are kitchen items that are not toys at all. He bangs spoons, pans, cookie sheets, and plastic pitches on the marble tiles to see what loud sound he can produce and just smiles big when the sound is especially hurtful to your ears.

Nolan is in the process of getting his one year old molars although only one of them has broken through his gums and he has not been as easygoing as usual. He'll happily play by himself for a little while, but when he's done and wants to be held he chases after me and plants himself between my legs, clinging to my pants until I either shoo him away or pick him up. If I walk away from him without picking him up he lets me know his displeasure by lots of loud crying and a face that looks like he's been abandoned. It's all very sad and tends to happen as I'm cooking a meal which is great fun. Nolan absolutely loves his sisters and brother though. He loves to have Julianne hold him and will lunge toward her when I'm carrying him. Lorelei likes to carry him too, which will help console him if he's sad. He loves to play with Morgan and deals really well with the roughness of his older brother. It's fun to listen to them at night and in the morning when they're either going to sleep or waking up. They laugh, scream, and talk. Nolan is still taking two naps a day, but can deal without his morning nap once in awhile if it's better for our schedule to be out in the morning. He nurses three times a day and seems to still find comfort in this, but he's also using a sippy cup well and has tried and likes cows milk. He also likes to drink water from his sippy cup. He's a good eater, but has started eating a little less, which is probably due to the discomfort of getting more teeth.

At his twelve month check up he weighed 22 lbs 3 oz (60%). He was 30.2 in(55%) tall and his head circumference was 18.4 in. He had fluid on one ear as it had been for his 9 month check up, but thankfully it was not infected. So far he has had the healthiest ears of all of our kids. I'm so thankful for God's protection over his little life and for the health and development He has allowed for our sweet boy.