Nolan - 11 Months

Nolan is just a few weeks away from his first birthday. He is much steadier while standing and loves to hold our hands and walk around. He has started pushing objects around and walking behind them. He has also started walking around while holding onto furniture. He is always on the move and prefers to be free rather than held or strapped into his booster seat. He loves to be in the kitchen opening drawers and pulling out anything he can get his hands on. The kitchen is regularly smattered with towels, straws, forks, cups, pans, chip clips, etc. He enjoys climbing on the dishwasher and banging utensils and pans as loudly as he can. Nolan has gotten very good and quick at climbing stairs but still hasn’t figured out how to go down them safely. He tries to go down head first, but when that doesn’t work he just sits at the top of the stairs and screams until someone notices him and carries him down the stairs. He still loves to put everything into his mouth. Beads, legoes, and chalk are regularly taken out of his mouth. He doesn’t seem to swallow them, but just likes to have them in his mouth. The Christmas tree has been a huge source of temptation for him in the past month. He loves to pull on the beads and lights and then take off the lower ornaments, which has resulted in some teachable moments for Nolan and a very bare bottom of the Christmas tree. Nolan discovered toilets this month and tries to crawl ask quickly as possible into the bathroom, lifts the lid, and if he is not stopped he likes to throw toys in and splash around. Yuck!

Nolan still takes two naps a day, but his naps are really hit and miss. Every now and then he’ll take a good long nap, but the majority of his naps are only an hour to an hour and a half. He still needs two naps, but if he misses his morning nap a couple of times a week he’s learned to just roll with it and can survive until an earlier afternoon nap. While in his bed he truly prefers to jump, bang on the wall, or talk to himself rather than sleep. Nolan is still a good eater, but he has figured out how to purposefully throw down anything he would prefer not to eat. He loves blueberries, most cooked veggies, any baby food pouches, apple slices, scrambled eggs, smoothies, puffs, crackers, and any kind of sweets. He does not like bread, bananas, cheese, or lunch meat. Nolan has mastered drinking water out of a sippy cup or cup with a straw. This month we have really noticed Nolan being a lot rougher with anything he touches (toys, people, other objects). He bangs his head into the wall over and over and just smiles at you. He tries to pull hair as hard as he can. He hits toys together as hard as he can or throws them down to see how big of a noise he can make. It seems that our sweet, gentle baby has been replaced with a rough and tough little boy. What a blessing he still is though!