December Fun

December was filled with all sorts of Christmas activities. The Murray Library had a storytime with Santa Claus and a scavenger hunt. We made Gingerbread houses, went on an elf scavenger hunt, and went Christmas caroling at a nursing home. We drove around looking at Christmas lights and found Christmas Street and the Christmas House which had more lights and decoration than I’ve ever seen on one house. We baked and made candy (fudge, chocolate covered oreos and pretzels). We went to an indoor amusement park where the kids got to ride kiddie rides. We had our Homeschool Co-op Christmas program and party. I took each child out to buy Christmas presents at the Dollar Store and did lots of Christmas shopping myself. We had a Church Christmas party and spent Christmas eve with our friends the Monges. The kids decorated a birthday cake for Jesus then we built forts out of sheets. On Christmas Day we got a few inches of snow so the next week was spent playing in the snow and sledding. We also made a trip to a local indoor pool and all three of the older kids enjoyed going down the water slide. This was the first year that we let Julianne and Lorelei stay up later on New Year’s Eve. We had snacks, watched a movie, played games, and then had sparkling cider as we watched the ball drop in New York City, which was about 10 p.m. here. They had a blast and felt pretty big getting to stay up that late. It was a full and fun month!