Nolan - 10 Months

This month we have seen such change in our sweet Nolan boy. He is much more interactive and imitates more and more of the things we do and say. He says, “uh-oh”, “bah”(ball), and “ah”(all done). He also raises one hand in the air to imitate the sign for “all done” and has started copying waving and saying what sounds similar to “hi” when someone does that to him. He also grunts, screams, cries, and yells to let us know that his needs are not being met so sometimes it is just guesswork to decide what he wants in that particular moment. Most of the time he either wants to be fed or held but is pretty content the rest of the time to explore on his own. Exploring usually includes something in his mouth, banging, speed crawling to get away from the crime scene, and one of his siblings telling him, “No, no Nolan.” He is a very busy and curious boy and gets into everything these days. Diaper and clothes changing times are torture for this ten month old. During a one and a half minute diaper change I have to lay him back down on his back 7-10 times. We’ve begun telling him no, holding him down on his back until he gives in, and tapping his leg to teach him to be still and so far we are already seeing improvement in his willingness to lay still. He has also developed a fond interest in cell phones, remote controls, trash cans, a school bulletin board, and the dishwasher. Using the same method as mentioned before we are teaching him that these things are “no touch” items. Sometimes he just smiles and laughs when corrected and others he bursts into tears.

Right before he turned ten months old Nolan decided he was done with his pacifier and one day refused to take it. In many ways it is wonderful that he did this on his own because now I don’t have to take away his beloved pacifier, but it’s a little challenging when he’s fussy and can’t comfort him with this to stop his crying. He also has been taking short naps since he stopped taking his pacifier. He now usually only sleeps 30-45 minutes and then wakes up and either cries or talks for the rest of his naptime. He sleeps great at night though. Because of his shorter naps, he has been a lot more cranky during the day. Food usually helps him feel happier. He is nursing four to five times a day and eats pretty much whatever we are eating. He loves chocolate cheerios, scrambled eggs, cooked carrots, rotisserie chicken, Swedish meatballs, crackers, pear, grapes, blueberries, apple, smoothies of any kind, peas, sweet potatoes, and pretzels. He is a great eater. He hasn’t gotten any new teeth this month and still has seven teeth to help him chew all this food. He has learned to crawl fast, stand a little more on his own, climb stairs well, begin to creep along the furniture, and climb up on things. We are so thankful for the fun and crazy that this boy brings to our family.