Painting pumpkins and playing in leaves

At the end of October the kids got to paint their pumpkins and then we raked up our leaves and played in the piles. It always amazes me what fun they have doing the simplest of tasks. Who needs expensive toys when you have paint, pumpkins, and leaves? Nolan especially had a blast with the paint. He did not mind getting messy at all and plunged his hands right into the paint and wiped it all over his pumpkin with a little direction from mommy. He had so much fun he required a bath at the end. When I laid him down in the leaves he was visibly uncomfortable and was very glad when I rescued him from the leaf pile. Morgan spent most of the time with a stick “raking” the leaves out of the pile. Lorelei loved running and jumping into the pile and Julianne liked throwing the leaves up into the air and watching them fall down. It was a fun evening!