Cornbelly's 2014

Our friend’s Justin and Christina introduced us to a fall activity called Cornbelly’s. It had slides, a corn beach, duck races, inflatables, a huge inflatable pillow, things to climb on, games, a corn maze, a princess area, and much more. We only had a few hours to be there and could have spent much longer. Julianne loved the huge three story slide where she slid down on a sack. Lorelei enjoyed the princess area where you could dress up and play in a little house and get on a carriage. Morgan’s favorite activity was the duck races where you had to push down a lever on a pump that would cause water to come out making the rubber duck go down the gutter. He spent fifteen minutes there and had to be pulled away crying hysterically because he wanted to keep doing it. Nolan got his first taste of a turkey leg and ate as much as I was willing to give him. We had a good time!