Julianne - 7 months

Julianne is seven months old today. It is so hard to believe that time has passed this quickly. She is developing and changing every day. We went to her pediatrician this morning for a check up after her double ear infection several weeks ago. She weighed 15 pounds 10 ounces. I think the solid foods are helping her gain some weight. It must be wonderful to be praised for gaining weight. I wish it stayed this way even into adulthood! Anyway, Julianne's pediatrician found that she still has the double ear infection so she was put on another, stronger round of antibiotics. Yuck! Julianne really doesn't seem bothered by the infection which is a blessing for both her and me.

Julianne has become quite the food connoisseur. She has eaten sweet potatoes, green beans, apples, peas, pears, and oatmeal. She especially loves sweet potatoes and apples. At this point peas are her least favorite, but this could change since it seems like her tastes change often. Julianne is beginning to drink water from a sippy cup, but mostly likes chewing on it. I think that she must be getting more teeth as much as she chews and drools a lot.

The new developmental milestone of the month is that Julianne is at the beginning stages of crawling. A week or so ago she began getting up on her hands and knees. Now she loves this position and will rock back and forth. She scoots herself backwards and has taken a couple of "crawls" forward although she is much more unsteady going forward. She has also started going from the crawling position to the sitting position on her own. Not fully crawling yet doesn't stop her from getting where she wants to go. She rolls and scoots all over the place, usually to get to something that she thinks she needs to put in her mouth. Everything goes straight for her mouth.

Julianne has really begun imitating us much more in the past month. She tries to make sounds that we make and enjoys laughing when we laugh. She loves standing while holding onto her crib or our ottoman. She no longer just stand still, but has invented a little dance while she is upright. She seems to always be moving! She has developed quite the little personality. She loves attention and when she has a crowd she will throw her head back and smile. She has a beautiful smile. I'm not biased or anything! We are having a wonderful time being the parents of this precious little girl. Here are some pictures.