Morgan - 2.5 Years

At two and a half Morgan surprises us every day. Some surprises are good like the information he spouts off when you don’t think he’s listened to anything you’ve said. He can sing the days of the week song, count to ten, pretends to read books by either reciting memorized lines or telling his own story, sings many memorized songs including several from the Frozen soundtrack, apologizes mostly without being prompted, prays at every meal and any other time when others are praying, recites Bible verses he’s heard, and sweetly talks to his brother because he is genuinely glad to see him. Some other surprises are more challenging to respond well to, like when I find him cutting paper and other objects with non-kid friendly scissors, when I find him sitting on the couch with a doughnut that he has gotten for himself and an open cup of water he is promptly spilling on the cushions, when I find him in the bathtub with his shirt and diaper still on him, when I can’t find him in the backyard where I left him because he has gotten out of the fence and is exploring in the front yard, when I find him with poop on the knee of his pants because he taken off his poopy diaper and put underwear on, when I find every puzzle piece in our house in a pile in the middle of the school room because he climbed up the shelf to play with puzzles, when I look over as I’m talking to a neighbor to see him in the driver’s seat of the van honking the horn and shoving as many pieces of gum into his mouth as he can before he is stopped, and when I find him hiding in the guest bedroom with a box of candy that he is desperately trying to open. This boy is a source of frustration and joy and it seems like we go from one extreme to the other when he is around.
At two and a half Morgan is now sleeping in a big boy bed (really just a mattress on the ground) and loves having his brother sleeping in the same room as him. In the morning I hear him in the monitor saying ,”Hi No-lee. Hi seet(sweet) bay(boy)”. When I finally make it into their room to free them, Morgan has usually given Nolan all of the stuffed animals that were in his bed and all of his blankets. Nolan laughs, squeals, and talks to Morgan when all of this is happening. Morgan also loves his sisters. He regularly asks to snuggle with Lorelei at bedtime, to have Julianne read him books, for Lorelei to play trains with him, and for Julianne to carry him. Although he is rough with all of his siblings he is quick to apologize and give hugs. Morgan has started picking out his clothes and has his favorite shirts, which include shirts with Spiderman, airplanes, Sabre tooth tigers, and dinosaurs. A month ago, we attempted to potty train Morgan and although he can pee on the potty pretty much any time he is taken, he did not understand that he needed to tell us when he had to go, so we got off the “potty train” and are going to try it again sometime in the spring. Morgan loves transportation vehicles of any kind but is particularly fond of construction vehicles. Our neighbor gave him some metal Tonka construction vehicles for the rock area in our backyard and he could spend hours just digging and playing with them. He loves playing with his train set and with his many cars. He also loves to play with Legos and could play for indefinite amounts of time with them. His excuse for anything that he doesn’t want to do is, “I’m wheely, wheely (really, really) tie-ewd(tired).” Life is never dull when he is around and I’m thankful for the sweet craziness that he brings to our family.