Nolan - 9 Months

Nolan went for his nine month check-up a couple of weeks ago. His weight was 21lbs, 2oz (50th %) and his height was actually a fourth of an inch shorter than last month which the doctor thought was actually an error in measurement but he is still in the 50th % for height. Other than fluid on one of his ears, he was perfectly healthy and right on par for development. He got his second flu shot and cried a little but was easily consoled. Nolan is moving at great speeds now. He can go from one side of the house to the other and has started going up stairs, with someone close behind. He pulls up on everything and has even let go to stand for a few seconds. Because of this movement he has gotten two bloody noses, scratches and bruises on his head, and a couple of bloody lips. He is not the same boy as his big brother who “takes a lickin but keeps on tickin”, but tends to be more emotional about his pain and needs comfort. He sleeps well at night and still takes two naps during the day. He loves to sleep with his pacifier and if for some reason his pacifier get unattached from him, he is not happy and let us know loudly. Nolan nurses five times a day but is very distracted if he is not sleepy. His spitting up is getting better, but he still spits up a little a few times a day and will still have bad days where it seems like he spits up everything that goes in. He is fully on table foods now, which is wonderfully freeing for his mommy. His seven teeth help him to chew up all these foods. Every once in awhile we will feed him applesauce if there is not enough food for him to eat at a meal, but he can eat just about anything these days. He has eaten cooked/raw apples, pears, bananas, strawberries, green beans, black olives, carrots, chicken, roast, scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, bread, crackers, pretzels, cereal, sweet potato chunks, acorn squash, chicken and dumplings, stew, pizza crust, taco meat, avocado, guacamole, oatmeal, etc. So far he is willing to eat just about anything. His big brother has helped feed him a sucker, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and inedible objects such a rocks, mulch, and crayons. So far he has now swallowed any of those inedible objects, but I did find a piece of dried corn in his diaper after we had played in a corn bed at a farm. Needless to say, Nolan is learning about everything around him by putting it in his mouth. I’m very thankful for God’s protection over his little life. He has become quite loud to be heard over all the noise of his older siblings and screams happily to make sure he’s not forgotten. He babbles quite a bit and says “ra-ra-”, “ba-ba”, “da-da”, “mmm”, “eee”,and “ooo”. This boy loves bathtime and one night even crawled over the side of the tub and into the water with his diaper still on. He loves to splash and play with bath toys. We are so thankful for this sweet nine month old boy!