Morgan's Big Boy Bed

After we moved to Salt Lake we finally moved Morgan out of the pack n play and crib and into his big boy bed (which is really just a mattress on the floor)at the beginning of September. I was expecting a few (or more) rough days and nights of teaching him to stay in his bed, but he was the easiest kid yet to make this transition. He stays in his bed, laying down, and goes to sleep pretty quickly after we put him down, which is very different from the hour to hour and a half it had been taking him to go to sleep for the past six months or so. At the beginning of October we finally moved Nolan downstairs in the crib to the boy's room with Morgan. So far this has been a very easy transition too. Morgan goes back and forth about his desire for Nolan to be in his room. Some days he says, "I want Nolan sleep wif me." and others he says "I want Nolan to sleep uptairs." Nolan has woken up a few mornings early and I've let him cry for 15-30 minutes before getting him and usually Morgan is able to sleep right through it. I am so thankful for how both of these transitions have gone for our boys.