Julianne - 6 months

It is hard to believe that Julianne is half of a year old. I'm sure the next six months will go by just as quickly as the last six months have. Julianne is changing every day it seems. She is quite a pro at eating her rice cereal and is very much looking forward to trying other solids. She loves drinking water from a cup when mom and dad will let her. She now grabs for everything in reach and tries to get to things that are out of reach too. She enjoys tummy time and can push up her torso and can get her hips off the ground, but can't seem to do these two actions simultaneously. She sure can scoot though! Julianne likes holding onto things to stand up on her own, although, mom and dad stay very close by since she hasn't figured out that when she lets go of what she's holding onto she will most likely fall. She has become quite good at sitting on her own and has become fascinated with tags. She would much rather play with a tag on a toy than the toy itself. Julianne has also developed a fascination with Abby. Abby usually gets the best smiles out of her! Likewise, Abby seems to like Julianne a lot more since she has figured out that Julianne actually enjoys being licked all over. Abby especially likes Julianne's hands and feet and Julianne will crack up while Abby is cleaning her. Her laughs are such a sweet sound. At the end of last week Julianne developed her first double ear infection. Yuck! It really didn't seem to bother her too much and the only reason I took her to the doctor was because of some drainage coming out of her eye. Because of her first two teeth, Julianne is chewing on things even more. She loves playing in her exersaucer and her jumper. She still sleeps well at night and takes one good nap during the day. One big development for nighttime is that she is no longer needs to be swaddled. After several mornings of finding her completely unswaddled, I got the hint and just stopped swaddling her. Julianne is growing up right before our eyes and we are loving every moment of it!