Nolan - 6 Months

Nolan turned six months when we were visiting family in St. Louis while we waited to close on our house in Salt Lake City. At six months old Nolan is now sitting up steadily and loves to use his hands to pat, put things in his mouth, and chew on. He likes to lay on his back but quickly turns over to his belly and scoots himself backward or around in a circle. He can roll several times and end up halfway across the room. This month Nolan has shown an increased desire to be around people. He is content for long periods of time to do just about anything as long as people are around him, interacting with him, but when he is left by himself he loudly protests until someone comes and picks him up.

At mealtimes he strongly dislikes being put somewhere other than at the table with us. He loves to sit in a high chair and if he can grab for some food that's even better. He has gotten handfuls of pretzels, pancake, and ice cream so far. No food is safe within his reach. On his six month birthday he had his first taste of solid food. He had baby oatmeal and was not impressed with the bland taste. A couple of days later he got apples and has liked everything we've given him so far which has been apples, sweet potatoes, and bananas. Last night we went out for dinner and I forgot to bring him a spoon so I let him suck out of a baby food pouch and he sucked it up within a couple of minutes and was so mad when he realized there was none left. He loves his food and seems ready to try anything at the table. So far he is getting baby food at dinnertime and then still nurses every three to three and a half hours. He still usually gets up once at night to nurse but goes back to sleep until morning. A handful of nights he has slept until 6 and then goes back to sleep for another hour or two. He still takes two good naps during the day when we are at home and cat naps when we're out. He can get quite cranky on these days because he is having a harder time letting himself fall asleep because he is so engaged in what is going on around him.

This boy is so blessed to have three siblings who love him. Julianne carries him around like he is her own, Lorelei loves to sit by him and play with him, and Morgan roughly and sweetly loves him in his own way. Nolan loves and is entertained by each one of them. Nolan has started making some new sounds in the last few days. He now says "dadada", "wawawa", "bababa", and squeals like it's his job. He is rarely silent and seems to have to keep up with his siblings. Although he is becoming a little more "high maintenance" since he is constantly moving and yelling for attention, he continues to be a very sweet baby. We are so thankful for him!