Nolan - 5 months

Nolan's fifth month was overshadowed with packing up and moving out of the house that we have lived in for the past nine years. It was full of saying good-byes, having fun "lasts", and just simply busy. He reacted to all of this with ease and continued to prove that he is one laid back little guy. A couple of weeks before turning five months Nolan got his second bottom tooth and did so with seemingly little discomfort. His favorite activities at five months old are playing in the exersaucer, sitting in the bumbo seat, playing under the activity mat, and trying to get just about anything into his mouth. He seems desperate to chew on toys, fingers, clothes, hair, etc. All of these activities he prefers to do in the presence of others. When left alone for more than a couple of minutes he loudly fusses to let us know that we are not giving him adequate attention. He loves to be held by daddy or mommy but he is perfectly content to play with any of his siblings. Julianne is quite capable of caring for any of his needs and regularly dresses him, changes his diaper, and carries him around. Although Lorelei doesn't want to hold him that often, she loves to play beside him and talk and sing sweetly to him. Morgan is the exact opposite and loves to play as roughly with Nolan as we will let him. He often lays on top of Nolan, rides him by sitting on him, gets right in his face to give him a kiss and say, "Hi sweet bay(boy)", and puts toys (large and small) right on top of his head. For the most part Nolan loves Morgan's rough loving, unless Morgan crosses the line and hurts Nolan.

Nolan continues to be a good sleeper. He usually sleeps from 8-4, eats, and then sleeps until 7 or 8. There have been a handful of nights that he has slept through the night but seems to either be in the habit of or need one nightime feeding still. He is generally going 3 hours between feedings during the day and if he is napping he will go 3.5 or 4 hours. If we are home (which is rare during these days of transition) he will take two 2-3 hour naps in his bed, which is currently a pack n play in the closet of our room. He still sleeps best swaddled but has started breaking free from the swaddle in order to get his hands in his mouth. He is sitting tripod style with his hands holding him up in front of him but doesn't have the stomach or back muscles necessary to keep himself from folding forward and eventually face planting. He is rolling to his side but doesn't seem to care about rolling to his belly. He can roll from his belly to his back though. When he's laying down he likes to reach for his feet and continues to be quite ticklish when having his diaper changed. He is truly a joy to have in our family and we are thankful for the past five months God has given us with him.