Kentucky Derby Museum

In the middle of June we went on a trip to the Kentucky Derby Museum with a few friends. Between the five adults we had nineteen children, so it was a little crazy keeping up with everyone but they all had a good time. We watched a movie about the history of the Kentucky Derby and the screens wrapped around the entire room. It was very captivating. Even Morgan sat quietly (for the most part) to watch it. After that we explored the museum. The kids got to get on a horse statue and pretend to race as they looked at a screen in front of them. They played a trivia game, practiced being radio announcers for a race, looked at lots of hats and dresses that had been worn to the Derby, and watched several Derby races on video. We had our own private tour of Churchill Downs where we got to see a couple of horses and the track. After leaving the museum we had lunch and then got ice cream. It was a fun day!