Nolan - 4 Months

Nolan spent his four month birthday with Great-Grandma Muhleman, Great-Uncle Steve, and Great-Aunt Shelley. They came to visit us for the weekend and we had a fun filled day of playing and eating at Waterfront Park. Nolan went to his four month well check a few days later. His stats were as follows: Weight- 14 lbs 14.8 oz(37%), Height- 25 in(39%), and Head Circumference- 16.5 in(30%). The appointment started out with all the normal questions about how he was doing and the doctor said several times what a happy baby he seemed to be. As I was telling her about how sweet and easy he was, I felt something going on in his diaper and thought that I would probably have to change it before she examined him. As we were standing there talking I felt a wet, gloppy liquid slide down my arm and onto my foot and soon I saw a dark orange liquid dripping onto the floor. Sure enough Nolan had been working on a dirty diaper and it got everywhere. All over me, him, and the exam room floor. It was disgusting! The doctor quickly ran and got a couple of bags and cloths to clean everything up while I attempted to change his diaper without making an even bigger mess. Nolan seemed unphased by the situation and the appointment went on without a hitch. He got a couple of vaccines and seemed a little fussier the next few days, but overall he is a healthy little boy.

At four months old Nolan is a very happy, easygoing baby. He sleeps well for his two naps but is also very flexible on the days when we're not home at naptime. On those days he takes cat naps in his carseat or while I'm wearing him in the Ergo. He is usually waking up just once at night to eat between 3 and 4 a.m. and always goes right back to sleep after he eats. He is still being swaddled for naps and bedtime. He loves to be held and talked to and strongly objects when he is set down or when we walk away. He almost always has his hands in his mouth or is trying to get something into his mouth to chew on. He is becoming more willing to spend time on his tummy and is starting to use his arms to push his torso up, but does not like spending much time this way. Nolan is beginning to roll over onto his side from lying on his back but doesn't seems very motivated to roll completely over either from his back or his stomach. He does like to scoot himself while on his back by lifting up his hips and soooting himself with his feet. He likes sitting in the bouncy seat or lying on a blanket with toys to looks at. At church he likes playing in the exersaucer or playing on an activity mat where he can look up at toys. He is still spitting up a lot (several times after each feeding) but seems unbothered by it. He still nurses well and is eating every 2.5 to 3 hours (mostly closer to three hours). Nolan coos quite a bit and is squealing and laughing too. He is a very sweet baby and a joy to be around.