Cross Academy 2013-2014

This past school year we were blessed to be part of Cross Academy which is a homeschool co-op that meets on Mondays at Ninth and O Baptist Church. We met from 9a.m. to 2p.m. and had four different hours of classes with an assembly and lunch time in between. Some of the classes Julianne took were: Ancient Civilizations, Music, P.E., Art, Geography, Five in a Row, and Zoology. Her favorite class was Art, which is not surprising for our little artist. Some of the classes that Lorelei took were Letters and Numbers, Community Helpers, My Body, Handwriting Without Tears, Circle Time, and Bible Stories. Her favorite class was Handwriting Without Tears. Morgan was in the One to Three Year Old nursery and loved getting to play with balls, go down the slide, have snacks, and pull all of little girls' hair. Nolan was in the infant nursery and spent his time eating, sleeping, and having his diaper changed. At the very end of the school year we had a party and program. After eating yummy pizza and ice cream with friends we watched several classes perform plays, songs, and poems. Lorelei's class performed a song from her Handwriting Without Tears class called "Write a Word and Leave a Space." We all really enjoyed this year at Cross Academy!