AWANA 2013-2014

Julianne has been part of AWANA for five years and Lorelei has been part of AWANA for two years and both girls have loved it. The focus of AWANA is Scripture memorization and I am so thankful that our church encourages our children to "hide God's Word in their hearts." This year Lorelei was in three year old Cubbies. She loved her teachers, Mr. Mark and Mrs. Beth, and enjoyed all of the friends in her class. Each week we would read a story about Cubbie Bear, a Bible story that connected to the Cubbie Bear story, and then we'd work on memorizing a short Bible verse. Memorization is definitely not one of Lorelei's strengths if you just make her say it, but if you put it to music she can memorize just about anything. Weekly we made up a song to help her memorize her verse and she loved it. On the last day of AWANA for the year all the Cubbies had an award ceremony where someone was dressed up as Cubbie Bear. Most of the kids were so excited to see Cubbie Bear, but Lorelei does not like to be around people dressed up as characters, so when her name was called Mrs. Beth kindly accepted her award and brought it back to Lorelei who was standing in the back of the room. Not only did they receive their awards but they got to sing the Cubbies theme song which Lorelei sings all the time at home.

Julianne was in her second year of Sparks and she completed her second book. Last year she really struggled to memorize the verses in her first book, but this year since she was fully reading all year long she easily memorized the verses. The last week alone, she memorized seven Bible verses. She also memorized the order and name of all the books in the Old Testament (last year she memorized the books of the New Testament). Julianne enjoyed her teachers, Mr. Don and Mrs. Brenda, and every week would get to have council time(Bible Story time), recreation, and then time to say her verses to her teachers. For different things that they do (memorize verses, attendance, participate in theme nights) they earned shares and then at the end of each semester they get to participate in store night. Julianne loved these nights and came home with all sorts of treasures. On the last night of AWANA Mrs. Sloan gave out participation awards and awards for those students who completed books. Julianne received her second book award which was a ribbon. The awards, shares, games, and fun are all good things, but we are praying that most of all God would use His Word to change the hearts of our children to follow after Him.