12519 Brothers Avenue

12519 Brothers Avenue has been the home we have lived in for the past nine years and it is now for sale. When we came to Louisville nine years ago, newly married and without children, we were originally looking for a free standing house to make our home but we quickly found that this was not financially possible for the area of Louisville we wanted to live in. So we started looking at condominiums and townhomes. We were not super excited about the lack of space, sharing walls, or not having much of a yard. After we looked at this townhouse, though, we knew it was the place for us. I am so thankful that the Lord did not let our desires get in the way of what He knew was best for us. Although we would have loved more space and more of a yard, especially with a growing family, living in this home and being a part of this community has been a tremendous blessing. Not only did the Lord protect us from getting over our head with a mortgage that we could not afford, but he blessed us with many opportunities to cultivate relationships with our sweet neighbors. Because we live in such close proximity to those around us when we were all outside we got to know one another. We have had opportunities to share the love of Christ with these neighbors and have also been shown the love of Christ by them. We have spent hours outside together, talking, eating, working, and playing. Our children have grown up playing together and have about fifteen friends right where they live. They ride their bikes together, play hide and seek, explore the drainage ditch, and play in each other's yards. I can't say it enough that God has blessed us greatly by placing us here in this neighborhood.

In this home Stephen and I experienced our first homeowner's moments, my first teaching job, several jobs that led to Stephen working with the company that he has worked for for the past 8 years, bringing home our first baby and then three more, losing one sweet baby through a miscarriage, being blessed to be part of the sweet fellowship of believers at Highview Baptist Church - East Campus, making relationships with many sweet friends through church and the seminary, saying goodbye to many of these sweet friends as they moved away, losing my dad, several grandparents, and one great-grandparent, starting the journey of homeschooling, watching our children learn to roll over, crawl, sit up, walk, talk, read, write, and do chores, and the faithfulness of God to change us and grow us to walk more closely with Him. What sweet memories we have in our first home and therefore it is bittersweet for us to be in a place of selling this home in order to start this new season of life in Salt Lake City, Utah. We desire to be where the Lord has made it clear to us that we are to serve Him, yet we will leave behind a place and many people that are so dear to us. We are so thankful for the time that God has had us in Louisville. We are thankful for where He placed us while we have been here and we are thankful for the blessing of so many sweet friendships.