Spring 2014 Ballet Recital

Julianne and Lorelei have taken ballet for another semester with their friends Talia and Leila. Ms. Jill and Ms. Hannah were Julianne's teachers and Ms. Kara was Lorelei's teacher. They loved going to ballet each week and this semester loved getting to wear pretty costumes for the recital. Julianne did a wonderful job watching her teacher to know what she should be doing for their part of the program. Lorelei did a good job too, but sometimes got a little carried away with a certain dance step and would miss the next thing because she was so concentrated on doing that one thing. Most of the girls in her class were that way too. It was so funny to watch them because they would often get bunched up when they were moving from side to side and would run into one another. Both girls did a wonderful job and enjoyed this semester of ballet.