Nolan - 3 Months

Nolan has become such a happy baby over the past month. A couple of days after I told his pediatrician at his two month check up that he didn't smile much he, of course, started smiling a lot. He loves to smile at anyone who will talk in a sing songy voice to him. He especially gives smiles to his brother and sisters. A few weeks ago he started laughing too. He mainly does this during diaper and clothing changes because he is very ticklish. If you tickle him too much it becomes a very pained laugh. Nolan has found his hands and loves to put them in his mouth and use them to grab things to put in his mouth. He is especially good at grabbing Mommy's hair. He continues to be a good eater and has spaced his feedings out a little more to 2.5-3 hours rather than every 2 hours. He has also become a quicker eater (20 minutes rather than 30 minutes).

He is still a great sleeper at night. He usually goes to bed between 7 and 8 and then wakes up between 3 and 5 a.m. for a feeding then again about three hours later for his first feeding of the day. He's usually up for about an hour when he starts to get sleepy and will usually take a two hour morning nap. He's up for another hour or so and then is ready for an afternoon nap. He'll usually take a 2 hour afternoon nap too. Naps during the day have been very inconsistent for Nolan lately which is probably because our schedule is very inconsistent. He has had a much harder time sleeping and staying asleep in his car seat which makes for interesting days when we're not home much. He loves to sleep when I wear him using the Moby or Ergo baby carriers. He still takes a pacifier well when he's fussy and if you put a blanket by his face or even on top of his face he quickly calms down and goes to sleep. Some important first this month have been that he has started taking baths in the big bathtub rather than the baby one and he has started staying in the nursery at church. Overall he is a very happy baby who brings us much joy!