Easter 2014

Mimi was able to come to Louisville for Easter weekend this year and we had a blast with her. On Good Friday we had pictures taken of Mimi and the grandkids and then went to lunch at Zoe's Kitchen. Yum! Mimi took Lily and Morgan to build a bear where Lily picked a rabbit and Morgan picked a lamb to stuff. That evening we went to a yummy Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese restaurant and all of the kids tried Calamari for the first time and loved it. On Saturday we had a picnic lunch at the park and enjoyed the beautiful weather. That evening we dyed eggs and put together resurrection rolls. The rolls symbolize how Jesus died, was prepared for burial with oils and spices, was wrapped in cloths and laid in a tomb, and then became alive again on the third day. We started with a marshmallow (Jesus body), dipped the marshmallow in butter (oil that prepared His body for burial), dipped it again in cinnamon sugar (spices that prepared His body for burial), and then wrapped it in a crescent roll (the cloths Jesus body was wrapped in). On Easter morning we baked them and when you open the cloth (crescent roll) Jesus' body is no longer there, reminding us that Jesus rose from the dead after dying on a cross to pay the price that our sins cost us. What good news that we don't have to pay that price because Jesus paid it for us!

On Easter morning the kids ate the resurrection rolls and fruit as they checked out their Easter baskets. We went to church to celebrate the hope we have in Jesus and then had lunch with Mimi, Uncle Andy, Aunt Sarah, Lily, and Daniel. After lunch we hid eggs and let the kids search for them. Julianne, Lorelei, and Lily found lots of eggs. Morgan, on the other hand, quickly discovered that each plastic egg had a jelly bean in it and would find an egg, open it, eat the jelly bean, and then repeat the process. Needless to say, he didn't find many eggs since this process took him so long. Here are some pictures of our Easter celebrations.