First teeth

After much drooling and chomping on everything she could fit in her mouth Julianne has sprouted her first two teeth (the front bottom teeth to be exact). Other than the excessive drooling she didn't really show any other signs of teething. She woke up a couple of times during the night which is not normal for her, but she just fussed for a little bit and then went back to sleep. I don't even know if this was related to teething. Anyway, yesterday after her nap she was gnawing on my finger and I noticed something sharp. I felt around her gums and then had a look at them and discovered that her front bottom teeth were definitely coming in. Stephen was at work when this happened and got home when Julianne was already asleep, so he was dying to see her when she woke up this morning. He wanted to check out her pearly whites so he stuck his finger in her mouth and said, "I don't feel anything." I told him where to feel and what to feel for, but he still couldn't tell anything was different. I started feeling like I might have imagined the teeth since he couldn't tell so I had myself another feel and they were definitely there. Probably the reason I could tell her gums were different was because I had been inspecting her gums daily to see if she might be teething for the past couple of months. Anyway, the teeth are not exactly showing enough to take a good picture of, but we'll have some new pictures soon!