Trip to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

A couple of weeks ago we headed to Oklahoma City which is about 12 hours away from Louisville. We split the trip up in two days going there and stopped in St. Louis for the night and then stopped for a lunch break in Springfield to see Grandma Northrip and Aunt Valerie. When we got to Oklahoma City we went straight to Uncle Ryan and Aunt Liz's new house for dinner. The girls loved dressing up in Aunt Liz's dresses and high heels. Morgan was just glad to be out of the car and ran circles in the house. On Friday morning we went swimming at the hotel, picked up Mimi from the airport, had naps, and then went to the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. At the rehearsal we had tacos from a taco truck and yummy cupcakes and the kids got to break a pinata. On Saturday we went swimming again, had lunch at Whataburger, took naps, and then went to the wedding which was at a beautiful garden. The wedding was gorgeous and Stephen did a great job officiating it. On Sunday we woke up early and drove all day to get back to Louisville around midnight. It was a lot of driving but was completely worth it to celebrate with Ryan and Liz on their big day.