Morgan's Second Birthday

On Morgan's birthday we were in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for Uncle Ryan and Aunt Liz's wedding day. We started out the morning with breakfast at the hotel. Morgan picked fruit loops, orange juice, and milk for his breakfast. After breakfast Morgan opened birthday presents from Uncle Jason and Aunt Laura, Papa and Gigi, Mimi, and Daddy and Mommy. Since we didn't bring many toys with us on our trip he was so excited to play with these new toys. His favorite gifts were several new toy vehicles, an Elmo CD player, some new legoes, and an Elmo cup. Next we went swimming in the hotel pool where Morgan swam holding his new Elmo cup the entire time. He loved jumping in the pool by himself and climbing up the ladder, then repeating the process over and over again. Morgan had his birthday lunch at Whataburger. His favorite part of the meal was the chocolate shake. After lunch Morgan took a good nap then we got ready to go to the wedding. Morgan and the rest of the kids were ring bearers and flower girls and got to walk down the aisle together before Aunt Liz walked down. He did a great job walking down holding Julianne's hand but had a hard time sitting quietly during the wedding. He was quite chatty. After the wedding we ate dinner at the reception and Morgan got to play outside in the garden where the wedding and reception was held. He loved getting to run free outside and even did a little dancing on the dance floor. It was a fun way to spend his birthday and now he will always remember the date of Uncle Ryan and Aunt Liz's anniversary.