Two Years Old

Morgan is now two years old. We went to his two year old well check and his stats were as follows: Weight- 27lbs 15oz(48%), Length- 34.25in(41%), Head circumference- 19in(37%). He is continuing to deal with ear infections and has eczema but otherwise he checked out healthy. Developmentally he is right on track for a two year old. He is talking more clearly and is speaking mostly in phrases and sentences. Some favorite phrases are: "Muh-duh's buh-day bow-dee"(Morgan's birthday party), "Hole Nuh-yuh"(Hold Nolan), "Ah-muh ah doo"(animals at the zoo), "No yike dat"(no like that), "muhl in duh"(milk in cup), "go ow-die, play Mia"(go outside and play with Mia), "Mommy moe disses"(mommy more kisses), "pay daddy husses, uh-duh Andy, buh-bee" (daddy pray for horses, Uncle Andy, and blankie). One of his longest phrases that he says after meals is "May I be eh-tused?"(May I be excused?) and before waiting for an answer he answers himself by sayihng "Yes may" or "No may not". He laughs and thinks he's pretty funny for beating us to the answer.

Morgan has finally started eating regularly again. For awhile he usually picked one meal to eat well at and then would pick at the other meals for the day. He is now eating well at most meals, although there are still meals here and there that he doesn't eat much at. He will almost always though drink a cup of milk with every meal that he is offered one. Some of his favorite foods are chicken nuggets, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, bananas, crackers, string cheese, cookies, icing, cereal, marshmallows, turkey lunch meat, hummus, applesauce, yogurt, and candy. If you can tell the pattern, he loves sweets and dislikes veggies. He feeds himself pretty well with a fork and spoon and can even drink out of a open cup well but tends to still have spills. He still doesn't get the technique of drinking from straws and wants to tip a cup with a straw which usually results in a mess and much frustration for him.

He is still very active and is almost always moving (unless buckled down) but he does love to sit and look at books. His favorite books right now are "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you see", "The Belly Button Book", and any books with real photographs especially of babies and animals. He loves to sing and can sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", "Ring around the Rosie", "Deep and Wide", and he also makes up a variety of songs and loves to sing them on our stage(the wide window sill in our living room). He loves to play with balls and cars, but also likes to take care of baby dolls and push them in the stroller. He is generally a very rough, curious, and happy little boy. We are still working on being gentle and not making messes EVERYWHERE he goes. He loves all of his siblings, but has a special love for his little brother and loves on him whenever he gets a chance by kissing the top of his head, hugging him, trying to pick him up, holding him with mommy's help, laying on top of him, holding his hand, pulling his socks off, licking him, and by very sweetly saying "Hi, hi, hi" everytime he sees Nolan. Nolan is learning to deal with all of his big brother's love.

Morgan still sleeps well. He takes one really good nap (usualy 2-3 hours) in the afternoon and then once he winds down for the night he sleeps through the night. He still likes to play in his crib at bedtime to keep himself and his sisters awake. He jumps, kicks the wall, yells his sister's names, throws his blanket, pillow and stuffed animal out and has recently started undressing himself before going to sleep. Sometimes he just gets his shirt off, sometime it's his shirt and pants, and on a few occasions he takes off everything including his diaper. We now know to check on him after awhile to see if he is clothed or not, but the first couple of times we did not and would find him completely naked in a urine soaked bed. He seemed completely unbothered by this predicament and stayed asleep as we washed him off, changed his sheets, and put a new diaper and pajamas on him. Although he is messy, frustrating, and finds himself in predicaments that the girls never found themselves in, he is such a blessing to our family. Here are some pictures of our sweet two year old.