Nolan - 2 Months

Our sweet Nolan turned two months old earlier this week and went to his two month old well check. His stats were as follows: Weight- 10lbs 15oz(16%), Length- 22.5in(15%), Head Circumference- 15.25in(11%). Other than having a minor cold he checked out healthy. He did manage to spit up all over the doctor while the doctor was examining Nolan.

At two months old Nolan is smiling more (not a lot but more than he was). He is a much more serious baby and it takes more to get him to smile. Last night as I was undressing him I must have touched in a ticklish spot because he gave a very uncomfortable laugh and smiled really big. He is having much more happy awake time these days and loves to watch his siblings. He likes to sit in the bouncy seat and likes to lay on his back or stomach on the floor. He still eats about every two hours during the day but is going longer and longer stretches at nights. I usually feed him at around 7ish and then he'll wake up at around 2a.m. to eat then again around 5a.m. and is usually up for the day in the 7 o'clock hour. He takes a morning nap around 9 usually sleeps for a couple of hours then takes another nap around 1 and sleeps for a couple of hours then too. He still cat naps while being held or while being in the car seat or bouncy seat. He has become a little happier during bath time and diaper changes but still does not like to be naked for long. Here are some pictures of our sweet two month old.