Morgan - 23 Months

Morgan is acting more like a two year old every day, which is fitting since his second birthday is about two and a half weeks away. He is very opinionated about what he wants, often demanding it, and when told no he screams and throws himself on the floor. He is also talking much more and stringing several words together. Some of his favorite phrases are, "No not"(as in 'No that's not what I want'), "wan appuh doos pees" (want apple juice please), "Abby dot dat" (Abby got that), "muh-muh eat mah-nuh" (Morgan eat banana), "baby Nuh-yuh die" (baby Nolan cry), "Daddy doe what" (daddy go work), and "mommy hole me" (mommy hold me- he's switched to this from saying "hold you". He loves to sing songs. When he's not singing songs that he makes up (which really just sound like "ah's" to music) he likes to sing "Deep and Wide", "Old McDonald Had a Farm", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and "Happy Birthday". I think he is very ready for his birthday. He says "Happy Buh-day Muh-Muh" and in the past couple of weeks I'll tell him that it's actually closer to daddy's birthday he says "No, muh-muh's buh-day".

Morgan has started climbing the stairs without holding onto the wall or the rail. When he jumps both feet are off the ground and he enjoys coloring with crayons, pencils, or pens. We do our best to keep markers away from him because he has a history of writing on the walls with permanent markers. He enjoys looking at books on his own but does not want to sit still on your lap long enough to actually read an entire book. He loves carrying bags (his sister's purses) and puts his toys in them to carry around all day. He still puts on everyone's shoes, including his sister's princess high heel shoes. He absolutely loves his brother. He gets in Nolan's face and says "Hi-eee" in a high pitch sing-songy voice. He gives Nolan kisses, hugs, pokes, pats, and loves to lay near Nolan on the floor. Every once in awhile he will want to hold Nolan but it only lasts for about five seconds then he is done and off to his next activity. He still gets into quite a bit of trouble (throwing hair bows into the toilet, mixing puzzle pieces from several different puzzles, being rough with friends, etc) but are loving this new stage of developments and look forward to celebrating this boy's second birthday in a couple of weeks.