Nolan's First Trip to St. Louis

At four weeks old Nolan made his first trek to St. Louis. He did marvelously on the car ride there and back and slept the entire time. He got to meet his Great Grandma Muhleman, Great Uncle Steve, and Great Aunt Shelley and got to see Mimi, Papa, and Gigi again. On Friday we went to the St. Louis Zoo with Aunt Sarah, Lily, Mrs. Sue, and Mr. Bill. The kids had a blast at the Children's Zoo, saw a five month old baby elephant, and rode the carousel. Morgan asked about the "bee-buhs"(zebras) all morning long so we made the walk across the zoo to see them. After a day at the zoo we spent the afternoon and evening with Great Grandma Muhleman, Great Uncle Steve, and Great Aunt Shelley. The girls loved dressing up in Aunt Shelley's clothes, Morgan enjoyed playing with Jack and making as many messes as possible, and Nolan enjoyed being held by these new members of his family. On Saturday morning we woke up and went to Old Town Doughnuts to have breakfast, enjoyed a warmer day at the park, and ran a few errands. That evening we spent some time with Papa and Gigi. We had dinner, played, and watched Barnyard with them. On Sunday we went to church with Mimi and then had lunch at Pirrone's Pizza before heading back to Louisville.