Valentine's Day 2014

On Valentine's Day we woke up and had a special breakfast of heart shaped muffins and the kids opened their Valentine's gifts. Julianne and Lorelei got a sticker art activity and Morgan got a new lunch bag and some cars. Stephen had also gotten the girls cloth roses. Julianne surprised us all with gifts too. She gave Lorelei a porcelain doll. She gave Morgan a little plastic dog and gave Nolan and daddy a paper Valentine that she had made. She gave me a pair of her earrings and a ring. All of these items were hers and she especially thought about what Morgan and Lorelei liked of hers and generously gave them the things they had been admiring. After breakfast we went to a local portrait studio and had family pictures taken. For lunch we went to Chick Fil A and that afternoon the girls had their ballet classes. That evening the kids made their own personal pizzas and daddy and mommy had a special pizza with a movie when the kids went to bed. It was a fun Valentine's Day!