Valentine Party

A few days before Valentine's Day our good friends, the Trapps, threw a Valentine's party at Chuck E. Cheese. We started by decorating Valentine's that will be given to children who are at Kosair Children's Hospital. After this the kids had pizza for lunch and then got to play games. Chuck E. Cheese, who is a mouse, came out several times to greet the kids. Lorelei just about jumped over the table and into my arms the first time he came by. She got more and more comfortable with him though and bragged for days afterwards that she gave Chuck E. Cheese a high five after a couple of times of seeing him. She was very proud of herself! Her favorite rides were a roller coaster ride and a boat ride. Julianne enjoyed getting to play with all of her friends and her favorite ride was the roller coaster ride. Morgan had a blast running around looking at all the lights and moving parts on the games. His favorite games were the boat ride and the game where he got to bop the sharks on the head with a mallet. The kids had a great time with their friends!