Morgan - 22 Months

Morgan is less than two months away from turning two and seems more grown up every day. He has transitioned beautifully into becoming a big brother and loves Nolan very much. Whenever Nolan is near Morgan gets close to his face and says "hi baby" over and over again in a sweet little voice. He kisses him on the top of his head, pats his back to help burp him, strokes his hair, points out his facial features (often saying "beep" when he touches his nose), says "baby cry" even when Nolan is not crying, and every once in awhile says "hold" and proceeds to let Nolan sit on his lap being actually held by mommy or daddy. He likes to bring Nolan toys and specifically brings Nolan his "roar"(bear) whenever Morgan sees Nolan without it near. He is a very sweet big brother!

Morgan is saying more words, putting words together to form more complicated thoughts, and speaking more clearly. He surprises us every day what he is able to say on his own and copy after us. He is learning to say "May I be excused?" but we still have to help him with putting all of these words together. He uses positional words like under, out, in, on, etc. He still wants to pray quite a bit and says "pay"(pray) before meals, at naps, and at bedtime. He wants to pray specifically for people and things and will say "pay baby"(pray for baby), "pay neigh"(pray for horse), "pay ya-ya"(pray for Lorelei), "pay Mimi"(pray for Mimi), etc. He often uses these lists of prayers to put off bedtime and naptime. He has started calling Julianne "dadee- i" and calls Nolan "No-nah". He is still struggling to wind down at bedtime and sometimes at naptime and often yells his sister's names to try to keep them up too. While he is putting off sleep he often kicks on the wall next to his crib, jumps in his crib, and throws every blanket and stuffed animal out onto the floor. He can be pretty entertaining to himself and to us.

Morgan enjoys coloring, playing with play dough, looking at books, building with legoes, watching Pingu, Sesame Street, or Winnie the Pooh on Netflix, dancing to music, playing with cars, trucks or airplanes, and climbing up on to whatever furniture he can get to. He also finds much pleasure in getting into things that he should not be into. 99% of the time if he is quietly off by himself he is doing something he should not. Some of those things are filling Abby's dishes to overflowing with dog food, throwing kleenex by the handful into the toilet, finding permanent markers and using them where ever he sees fit, emptying Julianne's box of beads all over the floor, taking out every piece of multiple board games and mixing them up, taking apart stacks of post it notes and throwing them all over the floor, taking out cans and glass jars from the pantry and stacking them perilously on the kitchen table, taking off the slats on his crib, emptying drawers of clothes, rubbing diaper cream in his hair, squirting shampoo and hand soap on the floor of the bathroom, and taking every CD out of it's case and scattering them on the floor. These are just the activities that I can think of off the top of my head. Let's just say that "almost two year old" Morgan is very curious and that curiosity gets him into quite a bit of trouble. He is also very sweet. He loves to snuggle and sit on my lap. He loves his daddy and can hardly contain his excitement when Daddy comes home. He gives sweet hugs, kisses, and says "sorry" whenever he wrongs someone else. He wants to be helpful and throws diapers away, hands clean dishes and silverware to the girls to put away from the dishwasher, sweeps the floor with the broom, and is learning to put his toys away. We are so thankful for our sweet Morgan monster(as we so fondly call him)!