Week One

When we got home from the hospital on Sunday with Nolan, Mimi stayed with us for a few days and we had a great time with her. On Monday Nolan went to the pediatrician for a weight check and then to the mall for lunch and some time to walk around. On Tuesday Nolan went to his first movie (Frozen) with his sisters, mommy, Mimi, Aunt Sarah, and Lily. Later that evening Nolan had his first experience at Mark's Feed Store. He sat by the fireplace in his carseat for most of the time. On Wednesday Nolan went to the pediatrician for another weight check and he was up three ounces from his weight on Monday. Mimi left later that afternoon and that evening Nolan got his first wash cloth bath. He was not impressed and screamed the entire time. On Thursday Mrs. Blair and her sweet girls came over for a visit and on Friday Nolan celebrated his one week birthday. We had a family movie night with cookies to celebrate.