Morgan - 21 Months

Morgan is now 21 months old and is talking more than ever. He repeats just about anything we say, is speaking words more clearly, and is starting to put a couple of words together. He still answers "no" quite a bit but sweetly answers "yes" to things that he agrees with. He loves saying people's names. When we're sitting in the living room he'll run from person to person saying their names ("doo-doo"(Ju-ju), "ya-ya"(Lorelei), "daddy", "mommy", "Abby"). He has loved looking at the pictures on Christmas cards and naming everyone he knows. He says "bees"(please), "da-doo"(thank you), and "no da-doo"(no thank you). He has learned to pray and thank God for the food before meals (repeating what we say). He says "pay"(pray) many times throughout the day, especially at naptime and bedtime. Sometimes he'll ask us to pray several times to put off bedtime.

Morgan loves to look at books, have others read to him while sitting on their lap, play with toy vehicles, be outside, pretend cooking at the play kitchen, hang out on the top bunk of the bunk bed, put mittens and hats on, watch "eh-mo"(elmo) on Sesame Street, look at pictures of animals, and do just about anything with his sisters. He still gets pleasure from getting into things he shouldn't, especially things with very small pieces. He loves a good mess and continues to need some instruction on gentleness. He has some issues with hitting, pushing, pinching, and pulling hair, but he is now automatically saying "daw-daw"(sorry) after he does it. Although he is rough he can also be very sweet and snuggly.