Lorelei's Fourth Birthday

While we were in St. Louis we had a family birthday party for our sweet girl along with a celebration for my cousin, Peter's, birthday. Lorelei had a wonderful time opening presents, eating cake, dressing up in Aunt Shelley's clothes, and singing a variety of songs to us and with us. The next morning, on her actual birthday, we had doughnuts, pink milk, and strawberries (Lorelei's request) and let her open a few more presents from us. We then packed up and headed to the City Museum. Lorelei took a little bit to warm up to all of the tunnels, climbing, and fun activities but she had a great time. She said her favorite part was "the sparkly girls" which were acrobats at the circus show. She also said she enjoyed the yummy doughnuts that Mimi bought her. She shocked us all by willingly climbing on the very high outside tunnels that were made of a cage like material. She very sweetly told Mimi to follow her and that she knew where she was going. She went down a couple of the very long slides but would only do so if she was on someone's lap. Julianne and Morgan also had a blast and neither were afraid of climbing anywhere. The girls both enjoyed the art area where they could make masks, wands, and snowflakes. Everyone had a great time and the birthday girl slept for most of the trip home to Louisville. We are so thankful for God's gift to us in our sweet Lorelei!