Christmas in Missouri

The night before Christmas Eve we packed up and drove to St. Louis. We stayed the first couple of days with Mimi, Uncle Andy, Aunt Sarah, and Lily. On Christmas eve we baked cookies, opened presents, visited, went to a Christmas Eve service, and visited with family. On Christmas we went caroling at a local nursing home. Julianne and Lorelei naturally interacted with residents by talking to them and hugging them. Morgan was a little more hesitant but finally by the end warmed up to saying "hi" and handing out fruit snacks to the residents. At lunch time we went to Uncle Steve and Aunt Shelley's house. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and spent the afternoon visiting, opening gifts, a playing with new toys. Both of the girls were very generously given new dolls and loved getting to play with them. Lorelei also got a guitar that she enjoyed playing with. Morgan got a fire truck and a helicopter but he also got a lion sweatshirt that he adamantly wanted to wear. Later that evening we got to visit with Uncle John, Aunt Julie, Vivianna, and Ingamarie. The girls loved getting to play with Ingamarie at their house.

The next couple of days we spent with Papa, Gigi, Uncle Ryan, and Aunt Liz. We opened presents, had dinner at Chick Fil A, and enjoyed the warm weather by playing outside. The kids loved getting to swing, ride bikes, and roll down the hill in Papa and Gigi's backyard. On Friday evening we had a birthday party for Lorelei and Peter and on Saturday we celebrated Lorelei's birthday by going to the City Museum before making the drive back to Louisville.