Christmas in Kentucky

Before we left to travel to St. Louis we celebrated Christmas as a family here in Louisville. We had our traditional Christmas breakfast of monkey bread with fruit salad and then went through "What God Wants for Christmas" which tells the story of Christmas through seven boxes that have a figurines with characters from the Christmas story. We went through our stockings and opened presents from one another. I took the girls to the dollar store the week before and let them buy presents for the members of our family and for a friend. They actually did a really good job thinking of what others would like. One of Morgan's favorite presents was a book that Lorelei got him. Most of the presents were very practical but each child got something fun too. Morgan got a train set. He doesn't understand how to put the tracks together but he loves to carry the trains around. Lorelei got some play food for her kitchen. She is very into making food for us! Julianne got a bead set that you can use an iron to melt together to make different plastic designs. We spent most of the day playing with these new toys. Most days when we open Christmas presents are cold and snowy, but this day happened to be warm and rainy so we had our windows open and let the kids play outside in the rain with their rain boots and light jackets. Morgan quickly found the muddiest puddle in our neighborhood and spent the next thirty minutes stomping in it and splashing in it. We had a great day!