December Fun

This December seemed to fly by with all of the fun things we got to do. We had our first snow of the season and all three kiddos enjoyed playing in the snow, having snowball fights, and sledding down the tiny hills in front of our townhouse. Morgan just loved walking in the snow and looked down while walking around the yard. We enjoyed a special visit from our friends, Andrew, Julie, Ethan, and Evie and got to visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus while we were eating at Mark's Feed Store with them. We took a quick trip to Nashville, Tennessee to meet with our team that will be moving to Utah. We enjoyed the Christmas Party and Program at the homeschool co-op that we are a part of and even daddy got to come to it. Two of Lorelei's classes performed a song and Lorelei definitely did not have stage fright. She was completely at home dancing and singing on stage. We made and decorated sugar cookies a couple of times. Once with our friends Karli, Nehemiah, Toby, and Micah and the second time with Uncle Andy, Aunt Sarah, and Lily. We took some of these cookies to give to the staff at a local nursing home when we went caroling with our Adult Bible Fellowship class there. It was a fun filled December!