Morgan - 20 Months

Morgan is becoming more and more talkative as a 20 month old. He is finally answering some questions appropriate with "yes" and "no" rather than always saying "no". He often responds with a "yeah" as a positive answer. He can tell you most animal sounds although he talks about dogs and monkeys the most. At meals and bedtime he reaches for my hand to hold and says "pay"(pray) and closes his eyes until I pray. He has also started repeating after us saying "Thank you God for our food. Amen." He says "bees"(please), "da doo"(thank you), "dape"(grape), "dee dee dae"(candy cane), "muh" (milk), "dee dee" (cookie), "buh"(book), "my"(mine), "eh-duh"(elelphant), "muh-mee"(monkey), "baby", "buh-bee"(blankey), "dee"(teeth), and many more words. He refers to himself when he sees himself in a picture as "muh-muh"(Morgan) and has his own way of saying most people's names. He still does not speak very clearly so when there is confusion on my end of what he is trying to say, he is starting to get a little frustrated.

He loves to play with Legos or any blocks that snap together. He is finally enjoying reading books and will get book after book and plop down in your lap and listen to you read it. He likes line up his toys on the floor and put them in and out of containers. He enjoys taking apart peg puzzles, but isn't able to put them together yet. He is starting to jump and actually get a little air between his feet and the ground. I also found out the hard way that Morgan understands and enjoys unwrapping presents. I wrapped all of our Christmas books and let the kids open one wrapped book a day in the month of December. Well, we got to December 6 and while I was busy and thought he was quietly playing upstairs, I discovered later that he had unwrapped three fourths of the books I had wrapped and was enjoying looking at them amongst the ripped up wrapping paper now scattered all over our bedroom floor. Thanksfully he didn't discover the presents I had already wrappped. Although he can be quite a handful at times he is such a joy to have in our family.