Thanksgiving 2013

We stayed in Louisville for Thanksgiving and Mimi, Uncle Steve, Aunt Shelley, Grandma Muhleman, and Peter came to celebrate with us. The week before Thanksgiving we spent quite a bit of time reading books and studying the origin of this holiday. By the end Julianne, Lorelei, and Morgan understood much more of how the first Thanksgiving was celebrated. Morgan calls most people "un-ee-uns"(Indians) now. The week before Thanksgiving we had a special Thanksgiving celebration with our friends Sadie Beth, Ainsley, and Melody. The kids helped make pupmkin pie for dessert.

We spent Thanksgiving Day at Uncle Andy and Aunt Sarah's house eating lots of yummy food, reading books, talking, watching Christmas movies, and even going on a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt set up by Mimi. On Friday the kids and I set up the Christmas tree and then did a little shopping with our family. On Saturday we all (minus Stephen, Uncle Steve, and Peter who stayed at our place to put in new floors) headed to Cincinnati to shop at Jungle Jim's (a huge international grocery store) and IKEA. Finally, on Sunday we went to church and Wild Eggs for lunch. For all of Saturday and Sunday Stephen, Uncle Steve, and Peter worked hard on ripping up our old floor in the kitchen, bathroom and dining room. Even though the work took much longer than anticipated (a six day project instead of a one day project) we were so thankful to have their help and are now enjoying a beautiful new floor.