Fall 2013 Ballet Recital

The girls had a wonderful opportunity to take ballet classes this fall at the seminary. Their teachers, Mrs. Hannah (Lorelei's teacher) and Mrs. Kortnea (Julianne's teacher) were wonderfully patient with the girls and the girls both looked forward to going to ballet every week. The girls were both in class with two of their good friends, Talia who is Julianne's age and Leila who is Lorelei's age. Last weekend they had their ballet recital which was held at the seminary. Julianne did so well during the dance that her class did. She was careful to watch her teacher and do exactly as her teacher did. Lorelei's class was another story. They tried so hard , but were very distracted by watching the crowd rather than their teacher. They sure were sweet though! We were thankful that the girl's friends, Sadie Beth and Ainsley, were able to come to the recital as well as Uncle Andy, Aunt Sarah, and Lily. We, of course, had to celebrate with chick fil a ice cream and playtime after the recital.