Morgan - 19 Months

Morgan is actually a little over 19.5 months and I am just getting around to writing about his latest developments. Right around when he turned 19 months old he switched from calling Stephen and I "mama" and "dada" to "mommy" and "daddy". He has perfected the long "e" sound so he says these well along with the words "Abby", "me", "a-see"(Ainsley), "pee pee", "eat", "Mimi", "Gigi", "kitty", and "baby". His speech is getting a little more understandable, but even if he's not understood completely it doesn't stop him from trying to say just about anything. His newest word in the past week is "mine" and he definitely has that childish and selfish attitude. He will push, pinch, grab, bite, and use just about any kind of force he can to get or keep the toys he wants to play with. He has especially formed a habit of biting his sister Lorelei, which we are working to correct. The other day when we picked him up from the church nursery we were told that he had pushed and hit several children. So I guess we are going to be "those kind of parents" with "that kind of kid." On Mondays I get to see this behavior especially since I spend two hours with Morgan's age group at the homeschool co-op we attend. He is the one rough and tough boy among three very sweet girls, which seems to cause conflict quite regularly, but again we are working on patting and hugging rather than hitting.

"No" has been Morgan's favorite word in the past few months and he will say it for everything even if he actually means "yes". As he is entering the age of accountability for his actions we have been teaching him to say "yes" to us when we correct him rather than him yelling "no" at us. Up until about four days ago these attempts had been mostly fruitless, but one day earlier this week I decided that this was a battle worth fighting. One morning he was kicking me and trying to get away during a diaper change, so I verbally corrected him by telling him to lay still, which he responded with a very cross "NO." I disciplined him with a pat on his bottom and told him to say "yes", but he again responded with a "NO." He received another pat and this continued for about four minutes until he tearfully responded with a very clear "yes." Since then we've been rewarding him when he says "yes" by cheering for him which seems to be a strong motivator for him. A couple of times he has even responded to a command by repeating "Yes mommy." I feel like he is starting to come to a place in his little life of responding obediently (some of the time) which is such an encouragement.

Morgan loves animals, knows most animal sounds, loves to see real trucks, plays with toy trucks/cars, has a keen sense of hearing for airplanes and helicoptors, is drawn to construction vehicles, enjoys looking at books and turning the pages, puts things in and out of containers, likes to help me unload the dishwasher by handing me items, points to family members and names them in pictures, has a gift for finding writing utensils and using them in inappropriate ways, loves real babies and baby dolls and is relatively gentle with them, and would rather play than sleep when it is time to go to bed.

Because he is in that stage of putting everything in his mouth and wanting to share cups with all of his friends, he has been sick more than I would like in the past month. He has had an ear infection, at least two colds, a stomach bug, and a rash on his back which we recently found out is caused by a virus(which is not contagious) called Pityriasis Rosea. The poor guy just seems to be a perfect host for breeding germs. Other than minor discomfort he has tolerated all of these well and has even started sitting happily through breathing treatments rather than trying to fight us during them. Here are some pictures of our rough yet sweet 19 month old boy.