Halloween Fun

This year Halloween felt a little more drawn out than normal. Six days before Halloween we went to a Halloween party at Gattiland with our friends the Balzers (actually it was Blair and I with all eight of our children). We enjoyed a yummy pizza buffet then the kids got tatoos(temporary) and painted little pumpkins. The day before Halloween we went to our church's Fall Festival (I forgot my camera so we don't have any pictures) and the kids had a great time jumping on bouncies, playing games, getting candy, eating popcorn and cotton candy, getting their faces painted, and getting to see a police car and a fire engine. During the day on Halloween we dressed up and went to Krispy Kreme for free doughnuts and then went home and carved our pumpkin. On Halloween night the weather was horrible (rainy, windy, and cold) so after eating dinner with Uncle Andy, Aunt Sarah, and Lily we attempted to go to the mall for trick or treating. After sitting in traffic for 45 minutes we made it to the mall to find out they were out of candy so we drove to the Homemade Pie and Ice Cream Kitchen for treats. Since the weather had been so yucky on Thursday night the city of Middletown moved trick or treating to Friday night so we went trick or treating around our neighborhood with Aunt Sarah, Lily, and our next door neighbors Erin and Tristan. It was a beautiful evening to be out. This year Julianne dressed up as Cinderella, Lorelei dressed up as Snow White, and Morgan dressed up as a fox. Julianne and Lorelei did a wonderful job going up to doors and saying "Trick or Treat please" and then thanking the person who gave them candy. Morgan just reached out his hands until candy was placed in them and sometimes signed "thank you". I guess I kept saying "Let's go up to this house" because by the end of the night Morgan would point to every house, would say "up" and try to go to the door. He always had to have a piece of "nee-nee"(candy) in his hand at all times and since then he has snuck into the candy stash a couple of times, opened a piece of candy, and then started chowing down on it until stopped.