Tenth Anniversary Trip

Almost five months ago Stephen and I celebrated our tenth anniversary. We decided to take a trip by ourselves without the kids to celebrate and we were finally able to go on it. We flew to Salt Lake City, Utah last Monday and spent the first couple of days with the mission team that was there from our church. We toured the Mormon visitor's center at Temple Square and then had pizza at a local pizzeria. On Tuesday we drove to Park City which is about thirty minutes from Salt Lake and up in the Wasatch Mountains. We visited Olympic Park and watched some people practice ski jumping on these ramps that had a carpet like material on them. They landed in a pool of water at the bottom. It was pretty interesting to watch. We then drove to Park City and walked around downtown. For lunch we went to The St. Regis Deer Valley, which is a really nice and expensive hotel that sits at the top of a mountain. You have to ride the Funicular, which is a slow moving car that moves up the mountain on a set of tracks, to get to the actual hotel and restaurant. It was a wonderful lunch with a great view. Later that afternoon we drove north to Ogden where we helped a local church by passing out fliers for a student ministry on campus and had several conversations with students at Weber University. On Wednesday, the mission team left so Stephen and I were on our own. In the morning we explored the Capitol building and then we spent most of the rest of the day driving around the areas south of downtown Salt Lake city. We were looking for specific areas where we thought we might want to live when we move there next year. We had lunch at an In and Out Burger and discovered why so many people rave about it. That evening we walked around City Creek Mall, which is an outdoor mall in downtown, and went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. On Thursday morning we went to Banbury Cross Doughnuts for breakfast. They have amazing orange rolls and the doughnuts are delicious too. After our sugar rush we went to the Church History Museum near the Temple square and then eventually drove back to Park City and spent the evening walking around and eating dinner at a french themed restaurant. I had the best chicken I had ever tasted! On Friday morning we went on a walk on a paved trail and enjoyed the beautiful view of the fall mountains. We met a Christian evangelist for lunch and were encouraged by his zeal and commitment to boldly share the Gospel with lost people all over Salt Lake City. He also gave us some great talking points in how to engage Mormons in spiritual conversations. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Temple Square learning more about what Mormons believe. Later we drove to the base of Ensign Peak and walked partway up (the goal was to do the whole thing but with a baby squishing my lungs and diaphragm and not being used to the higher elevation I just couldn't make it). We visited "This is the Place" where Brigham Young saw the Salt Lake Valley for the first time and then enjoyed dinner at Bruges Waffles and Frites(fries). Stephen got a cinnamon waffle with whipped cream on it and I got a waffle filled with dark chocolate and strawberries on top. It was delicious! Early the next morning we flew back to Louisville and were so happy to see our children and Stephen's parents. We were so thankful to have this time away with one another, to have the opportunity to learn so much about Mormonism, and get a feel for what Salt Lake City is like. God has made it very apparent to us that we are supposed to move there to share the love and forgiveness of Christ with all we meet. We're looking forward to seeing Him move in the hearts of people there!