Morgan - 18 Months

I say this with each child, but I cannot believe Morgan is already a year and a half. It feels like we just celebrated his first birthday. He continues to be such a blessing to our family and makes all of us laugh. He is definitely all boy. He climbs on everything, loves to play with messy things, takes some serious falls and isn't bothered a bit, runs everywhere, loves cars, bikes, and balls, roughly plays with his sisters, has some pushing and hitting issues, is super inquisitive about how wheels, buckles, and really anything with moving parts work, and his daddy is about his favorite person in the world. He surprises me sometimes though by having a softer side as well. He is mostly sweet and gentle to "beebees"(babies) and can find them in a crowd, takes "beebee"(baby) dolls on stroller rides and gives them hugs and kisses, gives hugs to his sisters and parents (I just love it when he wraps his arms around any of us), loves animals and generally gives them gentle pats, and still loves being held by saying "ud-doo"(hold you). He is still a great eater and says "it"(eat) whenever he's hungry, takes one long (usually three hour) nap in the afternoon, conintues to try to speak new words (although most have to be traslated), uses signs for "more", "please", and "thank you", waves and says "I"(hi) and "buh-buh"(bye bye), and is too busy to slow down to go to sleep at night and regularly takes thirty minutes to an hour to go to sleep. He continues to get into everything he can which usually makes me feel like I'm figuratively fighting one fire after another and he still puts just about everything in his mouth. One diaper a couple of weeks ago contained crayon shavings, a sticker, and a bead. When we went to his eighteen month check-up he weighed 24 lbs 13 oz(40th%), was 32 in. tall(40th%) and his head circumference was 18.5 in (25%). The only issue we discussed with the doctor were his constant ear infections(he has seriously had goo coming out of his left ear since last December when he got tubes, minus the month of May and July) but overall he is a healthy boy and did well with all four of his shots. Here are the few pictures that I have taken of our boy in the past month or so.