Teeth and Ears

Julianne has had two loose teeth for about four months which have been getting increasingly more loose as her adult teeth came in behind them. After a pillow fight with Peter while in Fayetteville, North Carolina she lost her very first tooth which she received two dollars for. Her second loose tooth is still hanging on by a thread and has been threatened to be pulled by daddy if she doesn't do it herself. We shall see.

Along with losing her first tooth, Julianne got her ears pierced with her friend Sadie Beth. We went to the Claire's store at Mall St. Matthews and both of them picked out the starter earrings they wanted. Sadie Beth went first and cried for just a second then was all smiles. Julianne went second and was very nervous about the process. She took a bit of reassuring and comforting but stayed very still while they actually pierced her ears. There were some tears afterward but she is very happy now at the result. She has been extremely dedicated to making sure she cleans her ears and turns the earrings three times every day. Here are some pictures of the big ear piercing day.