Fall at Hubers 2013

This past weekend my mom (Mimi) came to visit and help us after my recent surgery. On Saturday afternoon we headed to Joe Huber's Farm with her, Uncle Andy, Aunt Sarah and Lily. The kids got to play on the playground, go down the giant tube slide, and sit on the concrete animals. We picked apples and pumpkins and then enjoyed a delicious dinner at the restaurant. I know I say this often but doing these different experiences with my children shows me how very different they are. When we picked apples Julianne almost single handedly picked ten pounds of apples. Lorelei ended up with about four apples in her bag when she decided she was done. Morgan wanted to pick up the apples on the ground and take a bite of each one of them. When we finally gave him his own apple he took a few bites off of it and then threw it into the lake. Here are some pictures.