Wilmington, North Carolina

While we were visiting North Carolina we decided to drive a couple hours east to Wilmington, North Carolina to play at the beach for the day. We all had a blast. It was fun, again, to see the kid's personalities come out as they explored this new environment. Julianne plunged into the ocean without any thought and loved jumping over the waves, going under the water, and exploring with anyone who would take her to deeper water. She had a great time creating sand art projects, collecting shells, and even found a sand dollar. Lorelei was the exact opposite and stayed on land for much of the time and needed a hand to feel safe in the water, although the more we were there the more she became comfortable with being in the water. She loved playing in the sand and playing with everyone. Morgan was somewhere in the middle of the two and although he loved sitting where the waves would get him wet and possibly knock him over, he also really enjoyed just playing in the sand and getting sand in every crack and crevice of his little body. He ate several handfuls of sand and didn't seem to slow down or stop to consider how badly it tasted. We had a wonderful time being beach bums for the day!